Thursday, June 18, 2009


Comfest starts in seven days. I need at least three weeks of preparation. Shit.


My husband found some wee baby frogs at a job site this week and they have now taken up residence in my living room in a HUGE aquarium. It started off as one tiny frog (think the size of a nickel) and he thought it was just SO cute that he had to bring it home. So we made a little habitat for it in a five gallon bucket and it really is just so cute. The next day he brings home two more. "They were right by my truck. I didn't want to run them over, so I brought them home." So the next day here he comes with a giant plastic container with FIVE, count 'em, five more frogs. We had to borrow a large aquarium and make them a little frog jungle. They really are very cute and the kids are getting quite good at bug catching to feed the frogs. But seriously, one more frog and it's either them or him. Anyone want a frog?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Last night Willow had her second sleepover with her best bud Finn. This time around we let them do all sorts of magical grown up things that she had been asking to do, like go to the park after dark and catch lightening bugs, have cookies and milk right before bed, and watch a movie AFTER bedtime. Well, you will be glad to know it was all a smashing success. We caught thirty lightening bugs with the help of the neighborhood kids. They learned about dunking cookies in milk, after which I heard, "Mom, why didn't you ever tell me about this? Do you keep ALL the good secrets?" And three Scooby Doo videos later when I had to tell them that, seriously, it is time for bed, all I
could think was, you guys were so much cuter

last year when your little four year old brains couldn't stay up past ten. It was MIDNIGHT! My five year old can now stay up until midnight. It's all down hill from here.

p.s. we let all of the lightening bugs go, except for the one that got smushed in the lid. oops!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fancy Pants Recycled Crayons

We have added something new to our etsy shop that I'm really excited about. We had a bunch of old broken crayons and turned them into new fun crayons! What a fantastic idea! I know other people have done this too but I love them none the less. They are the perfect thing to pull out of your purse with some blank paper while you are waiting with your kids somewhere or running errands or whatever. My daughter thought I was magic when I showed them to her. And who wants to throw crayons away? So far we have transportation, sports, flowers, cat and mouse, and hearts. Come check them out!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Oldest Friends

Not too long ago, while cleaning out my grandfather's barn, I came acrossed these two lovely ladies, which I haven't seen since I was five. My grandfather, who was a carpenter, passed away a couple of years ago and we have started to go through his barn. It is full of mainly tools and wood and half finished pieces of furniture, but amidst all of that, tucked into a corner were my favorite dollies in the world. I remember going out to the barn with him to watch him make all sorts of magnificent furniture. Apparently at one point I left the dolls there and he tucked them away. I can't describe the joy I felt when I found them. It felt a little silly, but I LOVED these dolls. They were my security blanket for so many years. I'm sad that they have an air of neglect about them. I want to know how to clean them without hurting them further. Dirt or not, I'm so pleased to have them back.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Party with a Purpose

Comfest is quickly approaching and I can't wait! Since becoming a vendor a few years ago I don't get to enjoy comfest like I used to, but I love it all the same. Thousands and thousands of people coming together to enjoy music and such. It really makes our growing metropolis feel like a community. But.... now I have to step up production in our little shop and hope to God that business picks up from last year. I have high hopes that everything will work. And maybe the queens of comfest will put our booth in the grass this year! And maybe we'll be able to hear the music!