Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Willow graduated from preschool. The bigger she gets, the harder time I have believing that she was once a tiny baby that came from me. She is so grown up with her own ideas and plans (because my ideas and plans are ALL WRONG). She is already planning where she wants to go to college so she can study worms and potato bugs. She informed me that she is ready for her own phone and her own kitten. She knows the boy she is going to marry. And so on and so on. But for today we are just going to celebrate the end of preschool and not focus on all of the plans she has made for the future. Congratulations my little Graduate!
p.s. How DO you flip a picture?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yay for Charter Schools!

Yesterday was election day and our school system had a levy on the ballot. It was quite cheap, only $22 a year for a hundred thousand dollar house. And it was going to save our school system from the depths of despair. And it didn't pass. I am SO disappointed. I had a feeling this would happen, however, and we signed Willow up for kindergarten at a lovely charter school. But our school system will no longer have sports, clubs, or school funded recreation of any kind! No band! When I go to the grocery store I won't be able to hear the marching band in the field practicing. And they were good! The music has died, and it is your fault! (if you live in my neighborhood) What the hell is wrong with you, community?