Monday, January 18, 2010

Confessions of a Former Repressed Apartment Dweller

Lately I've been missing apartment living. We have been having problems with our electric. And slowly improving our house, with many jobs half done. I don't have any trim in my bedroom. The kitchen is half red, half shitty greasy off white. And on and on and on. And oh, the mortgage payment. I miss having someone shovel my walk and mow the grassy patches near my front door. And if the heater broke or the toilet got clogged someone came over and fixed it immediately (more immediately than in my house anyway). But then I remember what I hated about apartments. The white walls. I felt like they were closing in on me and making me crazy. I dreamed about every wall being a different color and being able to hang up as many pictures as I wanted without worrying about the damn holes. And that is why my living room now looks like this. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Kitty Birthday Bonanza

I suggested to my daughter that this year we could have her birthday party at a fun place this year, like a rec center or goofy golf and whatnot kind of place. I was excited at the thought of not cleaning my house and making food for everyone and not cleaning up any mess when it was over. Win-win, right? Well, she said she wanted a Hello Kitty party at our house with a pinata in the backyard, because that would be pretty and fun. So I get out the broom and dust rag and cookbooks and got to work. I made the pinata and was quite proud of myself until I burned a couple of good sized blisters into my hands with the hot glue gun (it is a dangerous tool, people!). In the end we had a lovely party with all sorts of family and friends. And now I have an entire year to figure out how to persuade her to agree to a party elsewhere.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When Summer's Beginning To Give Up Her Fight

It happens every year and I always think next year will be different. Summer is ending and I've forgotten to savor every minute of it before the nasty winter comes barreling in. We got so caught up in getting ready for school and not having enough work and repainting our kitchen cupboards (still not done) that summer has sailed right passed us. We didn't get to go camping this summer and we got such a huge, lovely tent last year. Totally missed the state fair. Couldn't quite fit in that trip to Michigan to visit relatives, and watch the wonder on Willow's face when we cross state lines, because it's more magical there. But there isn't time to mourn the death of summer because there are school field trips, birthday parties to plan, and a million other things I need to do this fall. But before it's too late, maybe we can squeeze in a couple of more nights catching lightning bugs, or go see daddy's band play one more time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walmart Lovelies

I just can't stop looking. This website makes me simultaneously want to spend all my free time at Walmart and never go there again.

Monday, September 7, 2009


So, Willow was playing with her cousin recently and he was telling her about bad guys, the bad guys that his dad catches at work (he's a cop) and Willow says "Bad guys? I thought God washed all the bad guys away! Are they coming here?!!"


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Comfest starts in seven days. I need at least three weeks of preparation. Shit.


My husband found some wee baby frogs at a job site this week and they have now taken up residence in my living room in a HUGE aquarium. It started off as one tiny frog (think the size of a nickel) and he thought it was just SO cute that he had to bring it home. So we made a little habitat for it in a five gallon bucket and it really is just so cute. The next day he brings home two more. "They were right by my truck. I didn't want to run them over, so I brought them home." So the next day here he comes with a giant plastic container with FIVE, count 'em, five more frogs. We had to borrow a large aquarium and make them a little frog jungle. They really are very cute and the kids are getting quite good at bug catching to feed the frogs. But seriously, one more frog and it's either them or him. Anyone want a frog?