Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And the Cheese Stands Alone

We have been promising to take Willow to Chuck E. Cheese for months. She completed a workbook for school and this is the reward she requested. And so a few nights ago, we headed out. She invited the love of her five year old life, Finn. I was particularly excited, seeing as how we hadn't been there in over a year, and I'd forgotten much of what happens there with children in tow. We ordered pizza and it took over an HOUR to get it. There were maybe five or six other families there. An HOUR for one pizza! But they have fantastic pizza so it was okay. When the pizza was gone, we headed off to the games. The chaos that ensued cannot very well be described. Kids pulling parents in different directions, dirty diapers and no spares, tokens and tickets flying every which way. After spending close to $40 in a bit of pizza and a LOT of tokens, we claimed our prizes which consisted of two suckers, a piece of laffy taffy, a 3 inch puzzle, and two balloons. Mr. Cheese, it was worth it, but you win again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

So the kids have been getting a little stir crazy being cooped up. To shake it up, I try to add another dimension to our living space. This week we covered the coffee table with some heavy duty paper. I used rosin paper from the hardware store. I have no idea what its original purpose is. Then I let the kids have at it with crayons, markers, stickers and whatever else we have around. It amuses them to no end for about a week. After taking it off I like to cut a couple of especially cute squares out of it and frame it or display it somehow.