Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Kitty Birthday Bonanza

I suggested to my daughter that this year we could have her birthday party at a fun place this year, like a rec center or goofy golf and whatnot kind of place. I was excited at the thought of not cleaning my house and making food for everyone and not cleaning up any mess when it was over. Win-win, right? Well, she said she wanted a Hello Kitty party at our house with a pinata in the backyard, because that would be pretty and fun. So I get out the broom and dust rag and cookbooks and got to work. I made the pinata and was quite proud of myself until I burned a couple of good sized blisters into my hands with the hot glue gun (it is a dangerous tool, people!). In the end we had a lovely party with all sorts of family and friends. And now I have an entire year to figure out how to persuade her to agree to a party elsewhere.

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